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July 31st

Day 25

Make a mistake in the right direction.

  1. Make your bed
  2. 30 burpees / 30 Sit Ups / 30Lunges
  3. Get started on your summer reading

Leadership Development Principle

Fall Forward  (Part 3)

Sports doesn’t create winners.  The FIFA World Cup just crowned France the winner.  32 teams started the tournament and over a hundred tried to qualify.  Sports creates losers. But does it? What is sports. It is a finite game with a set winner.  Life on the contrary is an infinite game with ever changing rules and players. Life is not about winning like sports.  It is about learning how to play the game. Sports teaches lessons that will be useful to life. Losing is how we learn. Learning is what makes us better.  Getting better is what brings us happiness. So how do we be happy? Learn. Learn as often as possible. Be better.

* Valiant and Summit Participants – Keep a daily log of your physical activities.  Remember we are also working on our personal attributes that will make us better people and good leaders.

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