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July 15th

Day 14

Aim at the highest possible good.  

  1. Make your bed
  2. 17 burpees / 17 Sit Ups / 18 Lunges
  3. Figure out a quicker way to make your bed.

Leadership Development Principle

Point to the Center (Part 2) Look back at July 5th

What five character traits most important to  you? Trustworthy, loving, hardworking, compassionate, passionate, loyal, meek, humble.  This is a good activity to find your center. These characteristics will help lead you to a life of purpose.  They must be practiced and refined in the fire of experience and hardships.

* Valiant and Summit Participants – Keep a daily log of your physical activities.  Remember we are also working on our personal attributes that will make us better people and good leaders.

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